Your products are special and have competitive prices? The time has come to open an on line shop!

Having an e-commerce portal is like opening another point of sale, in no particular city or country, but on the Internet, it means – in a place available for every user on the Earth, giving you a possibility to reach the potential clients all over the world and making your business grow like that.

A lot of companies use internet as the unique way of sale!  There are no opening hours because your customer is the World. And thanks to the spread of tablets and smartphones, you can purchase at all time.

The DSI Design will be your companion in this important trip, highlighting your strengths, to help you to create an on line shop drawing attention of your potential clients. The solutions adopted to develop e-commerce portals are powerful and flexible, both with open source technology and with proprietary technology. The realization is supervised by the on line marketing specialists in regard to the visibility and strategic location.


Let's talk about your project! We'll be glad to develop your idea!