Now you can address your advertisement to those who use Google. Even though your announcements are already viewed on Google, the AdWords can let you reach a new group of customers through Google and our ad network.

The DSI Design helps its clients to succeed on the Internet!

Let us present a short description of the ad system that is made to succeed!

  • Thanks to the advertising program on Google, you have a possibility to reach new clients and increase a range of your interests.
  • Choose where you want to put your announcement, define your budget and value a relevance of your announcements.
  • There are no minimal fixed costs. You can interrupt a publication of your announcement in every moment.
Gain the clients when they are searching certain words or sentences (so-called keywords) or when they are looking over Web sites related with your activity. Your announcements can be viewed on Google and on its partner sites. For the offer based on clicks, you pay only if a user clicks on your announcement.

Reach the users exactly when they are looking for what you want to offer.

  • Your announcement is shown to the users looking for the products or for the services you offer. That's why probably they will call just you!
  • You can choose where to publish your announcement, i.e. on which web site, in which geographical zone (country, city and even district).
  • The only Display Web on Google reach to 80% of users in United States.
  • Con l'offerta basata sul costo per clic (CPC), paghi solo quando un utente fa clic sul tuo annuncio e non quando l'annuncio viene pubblicato.
  • You can define a monthly budget and you will never be charged with the costs that are more elevated than those you fixed before.

Let’s see an example

Let's imagine that you have a lighting store in London. Set your announcement in such way that it will be shown to the users living only in this location. When a user who lives or visits this location types on Google "lighting elements near London", your announcement will be shown and the user will have a possibility to contact you and ask for more information.


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